SOS Homophobie

by Agence 148

SOS homophobie is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation committed to combatting hate-motivated violence and discrimination against LGBT people 148 has worked on a new brand identity has been rethink to drive a new way of fighting, more human, solidarity based, gathering people. In this perspective, we have designed a visual element easily readable and reproductible, remembering social movement visual identities of Mai 1968. This design will become a symbol that will lead involvement of the association SOS Homophobie. This branding has been thought to be modular, there are two logo variations representing SOS Homophobie activities: from one side Listening to people, Education, Solidarity and and the other side, Fighting and struggling, Gathering.

Silver in Website Design 2019

Design Director
Gaétan Pautler
Design Team
Agence 148
148, FR

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