360° Re.Branding for B2B Agency APTLY


Task was to rebrand the identity of the B2B consulting agency APTLY. The original brand concept offered little opportunities when it came to crossmedia / -device communication, because of its lack of a consistent signature look and visual vocabulary.
Starting point of the final solution was the idea to develop a symbol matrix, based on the basic shapes of the original company logo. By applying a simple set of five rules to the matrix, more than 16,000 glyphs can be generated from this Archeform. These forms can be used across the online / offline communication, so the brand is able to express itself in a defined, unique and recognizable way. This kind of signature look gives the brand the opportunity to get recognized even if the logo / company name isn't prominent displayed on every asset of the communication. This generates space for new ways and explorations about how the brand voice can interact with its audience. By this the solution questions traditional structures of organizing corporate designs in companies and how people in companies can work with corporate design.

The 360° rebranding included the complete digital and physical communication system of the company, (including the interior design). Currently, the rebranding is in the last phase of its implementation.

If you're going to https://www.reichert-young.com/58493 you can see a animation which shows some of the more than 16,000 possible glyphs.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Patrick Reichert-Young

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Creative Director and Design Lead: Patrick Reichert-Young; Junior Art Director: Julia Hildebrand; Frontend Developer: Dirk Remhof; Frontend Develop...


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Creative Director: Patrick Reichert-Young, REICHERT-YOUNG