Meira Restaurant

by 327 Creative Studio

This Restaurant is located in a 4 star Hotel in Vila Praia de Âncora, managed by the same family since 1935.

As a result of a rehabilitation project in the Restaurant and the Hotel, the global concept of the Restaurant was renewed, intending a modern but inspired place in the history of the area, its characteristic dishes with a strong focus on honest food.

This branding project is an ode to the fauna of Vila praia de Âncora and the fishing of Codfish, a very well known practice of this area. The type design of the logo, inspired in the old fisherman passports, logottogether with a Codfish illustration compose the logo itself.
Restaurant menus and communication materials are full of small type details, related to the old fisherman letters, as well as the old and worn graphics, making a bridge between this two worlds, past and present.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Mafalda Portal

Design Company

327 Creative Studio


Meira Restaurant

Design Team

Sara Rodrigues, Vanessa Amaral