Screen Welder

by Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang

People can’t clearly see the welding conditions through the current automatic or manual welding mask, and their eyes will be damaged by the leakage light when a welder removes the mask, and the danger might occur when operating in high buildings. SPW can screen strong light via electronically control liquid crystal and display graphic recognition, and also display the welding conditions. SPW recommends the welding information from AI by AR, can be transferred from AR to VR in the black screen, and 3D VR can be presented. SPW can analyze the welding conditions in real time to greatly improve the working efficiency, welding quality and safety.

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2019, Non-Pro

Design Director
Design Team
Nai-Xuan,Chen;Ya-Yun,Huang; Kai-Chu,Li
Ming Chi University of Technology , TW

Senior Design adviser
Kai-Chu,Li, Ming Chi University of Technology
Ya-Yun,Huang, Ming Chi University of Technology
Nai-Xuan,Chen, Ming Chi University of Technology

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