by Wei-Ching Huang

ocare — Dental Hygiene and Oral Care Kit — Suitable products for orthodontic care. This dental hygiene kit is designed for people who wear braces. It is vital to take care of both their teeth and braces properly. Cleaning with a regular toothbrush is not enough, extra dental tools are needed. This kit can provide with suitable products for orthodontic care, show them how to use the tools in the correct order, and help people develop good oral hygiene habits. This kit is specially designed for children, I hope to create a colorful, cheerful and interesting package. This packaging draws inspiration from the concept of Tangram. These colored puzzles are intended to allow children to feel interesting, fun, stress-free about cleaning their teeth and braces.


Silver in Packaging Design 2019, Non-Pro

Bronze in Branding 2019, Non-Pro

Created by:

Design Director

Wei-Ching Huang

Company/University or Design School

Pratt Institute


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