Native 360 Ads

by Verizon Media Group

Purple wanted us to create a native ad experience where the user can learn about the science of Purple in easily digestible blurbs for each product while maintaining the fun and quirky attitude of their branding. By rendering an equirectangular 360 image of a room, and then digitally enhancing the space with raw footage assets, we were able to recreate the Purple laboratory. Each character and feature was isolated into their own layers, and warped to match the equirectangular environment, and create a sense of depth. After crafting short copy and designing each hotspot pop-up, all the assets were combined to create a full 360 experience for the user to surround themselves in the eccentric mad scientist world of the Purple brand. Learn more:

Gold in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology 2019
Silver in Mobile Ads 2019

Design Director
Emily Salinas
Design Team
Oath / Verizon Media Group Ad Technology Team

Bennett Shapiro, Verizon Media Group
Creative Solutions Manager
Jacob Michnick, Verizon Media Group
Emily Salinas, Verizon Media Group

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