by SAIB & Co.

A nation with egregious gender inequality despite its modernization, South Korea is one of the most patriarchal and conservative countries in the developed world, where the subject of female sexuality has traditionally been taboo. Due to this stigma, Korean women have long felt uncomfortable purchasing or openly carrying condoms, and thus has left more vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Furthermore, almost every single product on the South Korean market today are produced and designed solely for male consumers. Their arousing branding and package design accompanied by masculine voice and tone of communication, completely push women further away from this market.

Intimate Cosmetic brand SAIB is initiated to tackle this problem by creating sexual wellness products that are designed by and for women. SAIB is an inversion of the word BIAS, signaling an overturning of the gender bias and assure women’s sexual right. In attempts to defy the male-dominant image promoted by current sexual wellness products in the market, the brand SAIB is designed to resemble female cosmetic brands rather than typical condom brands. It uses verbal and visual expressions that resonate with women and the issues most relevant to them. The brand SAIB and its designs are extensions of the company’s mission to destigmatize negative perceptions around women exercising sexual agency. It is designed to combat embarrassment and shyness in women themselves and to stop the criticism and disapproval of others. With its positive tone, SAIB products are designed so that women feel comfortable and even proud to carry them around.

In a conservative country where anything that has to do with sex or sexuality is still a taboo, it is challenging not only to promote sexual products to women but also raise awareness and openly discuss women’s sexual health issue publicly. The company wishes to discourse upon the...


Gold in Packaging Design 2019

Gold in Logos 2019

Gold in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Jiwon Park

Design Company

SAIB & Co.


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SAIB & Co.

Design Team

Jungmin Choi, Brand Design Eunchong Kim, Package Design

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SAIB & Co., KR


SAIB & Co., KR

Individual Credits

Photographer: Yaechan Moses Lee, SAIB & Co.
Creative Director: Jiwon Park, SAIB & Co.
Package Designer: Eunchong Kim, SAIB & Co.