Early Bird Deadline: 30 Sep, 2019

Unicook-Recipe Platform for Chef Wannabes

by Lee Jiyu, Jeong Hoyeon

There are many people who want to be a chef, but there are very few places to show their dishes. They want to present their dishes to customers and to be verified. Also, customers want to find delicious and unique dishes. This app was designed to satisfy these needs. Take a photo of your own original dish, record your recipes and upload them. People can play and watch dishes and recipes like music apps. Restaurants collaborated with our app select the recipes and contact the people who posted it. That person will have the opportunity to sell own food at the restaurant. So, people will be able to enjoy dishes that they used to enjoy only online at offline with affordable price.

Gold in Mobile App 2019, Non-Pro

H​ongik University
Design Team
Lee Jiyu, Jeong Hoyeon (HO & JU)

UXUI Designer
Jeong Hoyeon, Hongik University
Lee Jiyu

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