Groundbreaking Branding

by Valerie Damen

The inspiration for the branding of Eve at Erin Ridge stems from themes of growth, community, and modernism. The geometric graphics and generous white space give the brand a fresh feel, while the clean, simplistic typographic treatment emulates approachability. The recycled paper stock and texturization give the brand an earthy, grounded feel. Sampled from gardens and nature, the colors take on a softer approach — with a nice contrasting balance from the addition of black. Color psychology suggests that greens symbolize life, renewal, energy, and growth, while beiges/browns represent stability, relaxation, flexibility, and security — all themes that authentically represent the brand to their intended family-orientated audience.

Bronze in Branding 2019

Design Director
Valerie Damen
Landrex Ventures
Design Team
Pixels & Relish
Landrex Ventures, CA
Pixels & Relish, CA

Graphic Designer
Valerie Damen, Pixels & Relish

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