THE STORY OF A BRAND – 40 Years Engel & Völkers


The international real estate company Engel & Völkers with over 600 shops and 10.000 employees spread out all over the world celebrated their 40th birthday in their new headquarter designed by architect Richard Meier by the end of 2018. Christian Völkers one of the founders of this franchise company wanted to create a very elegant and special give away for their clients, supporters, employees, friends and family members. Around 2015 he started talking about printing a book that would tell the success story of the company with all its ups and downs. He gave us almost card blanche. The only thing we had to consider a. "Make each spread a piece of art" and b. "make it another milestone in our brand history". It took us 1,5 years to organize the archive which did not exist, create new images, illustrations and info graphics, come up with a strong typographic solution, grid and layout and use the brands colours which are 70% white, 15% grey (we used a Pantone silver instead), 10% black and 5% red. In the end we produced a book bound in white linen with blind embossing as is the slip case. We integrated 3 gate folds and 3 special selection printed on a glossy paper and shorter pages. 1980 when typewriters were common Mr. Völkers started to write down the entire does and don't of how to work, speak, dress, communicate etc with clients both home owners and wanted to buy or sell their properties. This started to be the codex for everybody working within his company. For us this was a great opportunity to pick up the typewriter fond and integrate it as a "red" thread throughout the book - relating to the very first beginning of the company as a typographic baseline. In addition to...


Gold in Book Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Janine Weitenauer

Design Company



Engel & Völkers

Design Team

Sinja Schwarz, Dong Jin Woo, Mong Ting Zhu, Mark Seelen, Saskia Herrmann

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Individual Credits

Coordination: Saskia Herrmann, Engel & Völkers
Graphic Design: Sinja Schwarz, Creative Minds - Janine Weitenauer
Graphic Design: Dong Jin Woo, Creative Minds - Janine Weitenauer