The Industry - Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy

by Submarine Channel

The interactive documentary The Industry: Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy visualizes the drug networks of the Netherlands and shares personal stories from the real people that keep this industry going: housewives, students, dockworkers, full-time coke dealers and many more. The Industry features 17 stories in 3-D locations of the networks of cannabis, cocaine and Ecstasy: The website user can navigate locations where the stories are told, such as hidden weed farms in villas, coffeeshops’ behind scenes, suburban areas for Ecstasy trade and Dutch harbors. The interactive documentary also features explanatory videos about the production and distribution chains within the drug networks.

Design for Social Change 2019
Gold in Interactive Design 2019

Design Director
Mirka Duijn
own project
Design Team
Director: Mirka Duijn Producers, Submarine Channel: Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting Head of Digital Media, VPRO: Geert-Jan Bogaerts Editor-in-Chief, VPRO: Remy van den Brand Interactive Producer, Submarine Channel: Corine Meijers Project Manager, VPRO: Geert-Jan Strengholt Graphic and Interface Design: Robin Verdegaal, Merel Raven Interface: Karel Brascamp Research: Mirka Duijn, Thijs Roes, Gabrielle Adèr, Nicole Maalsté, Wieke Kapteijns, Ruby Deelen, Pien van Grinsven Production VPRO Digitaal: Gerben van Heijningen Text and Voice-over: Mirka Duijn Text Editor: Jeroen Aalbers Postproduction and Animation Producer: Nina Spiering 3-D Scenes: Zesbaans: Juul Spee, Harm van der Ven, Eric Smilde Animation: Mitchel Tan
Submarine Channel, NL

Mirka Duijn, Submarine Channel

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