PavoMea Artsy Dessert

by Jansword Design

Pavomea is an artsy dessert brand that focuses on creating new desserts and snacks combining artistic elements. We picked up the great German chromatist Goethe as the brand soul, because he is the one who discovered the residue, developed the hexagon color chrome. Goethe think the meanings of the color rely on the feelings of human beings, not the scientific statistic as Newton thought. It coincides with what the brand what to convey, “enjoy yourself with sweets in colors of feelings”. The brand logo refers to the image of Goethe,which comes from his famous painting portrait “Goethe in the Roman Campagna (1786)” in Frankfurt. It is transferred into a modern linear semi-abstract form that locates within a hexagon frame. The nose on the face has been replaces by a prism-like triangle, indicating the relation between colors and the light.
The logo can transfer into three modes to emphasize the concept of prism and show more contrast of lines and shapes. The design goes to a pure white color scheme to present its panchromatic feature. We use Hologram Paper to convey the brand tone. Prism shape was used as the macaroon package and hexagon shape for the small cake package. And we pick six animals from Goethe’s poem “LILY'S MENAGERIE” as the accessory shape.
The store locates at the 798 art zone, Beijing. Hexagon, triangle, white color and accessory shapes are applied to the interior designs as an echo of the brand identity.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Jansword Zhu

Design Company

Jansword Design