China Tea Branding and Packaging Design Development

by bdworkshop co. ltd.

China Tea Co., Ltd. is one of the world's top 500 COFCO Limited (COFCO) member companies, headquartered in Beijing, is the former China Tea Import and Export Corporation. China Tea Co., Ltd was established in November 1949, which was the first set up national professional firm in the history of People's Republic of China. At present, the company mainly engaged in tea, coffee, cocoa and other commodities import and export and domestic sales operations. Tea companies set tea cultivation, production, processing, research and development, sales and cultural promotion in one.

In 2016, China Tea Co., Ltd decided to launch a new category of tea called (通茶) to the market using their brand new GMP certified technology.

Originated from the history of authentic heritage, to the modern purebred fermentation technology through the equivalent of drugs GMP level of rigorous production process, each batch of tea are rich in the Chaxuan Tuansong bacteria. Accompanied by a strong probiotic fragrance, can enjoy Runchang catharsis, lipid-lowering detoxification effect, through tea is particularly suitable for eating disorders and stressful daily life of urban people drinking.

The major goal for this project is how to combine the traditional China Tea image and modern style together. So we try to use some simple graphic with pastel colours to try to illustrate a simple and healthy living style to the product packaging and branding, also giving a total new look to this historical company.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Clement Young

Design Company

bdworkshop co. ltd.


China Tea (HK) Limited

Design Team

Candy Chow, Elvey Tong