by Eme Design Studio

El Paso Texas-based Wondor is rooted in the idea that cross-cultural collaboration offers fertile grounds for the production of services and the creation of unique garments and goods. The brand is focused on weaving connections through various enterprises that encourage people to re-engage with the world. EME Design Studio approached this concept starting with the creation of the Wondor logo: a curious hummingbird. This hummingbird was then modified to create the various Wondor sub-brands; which combine various objects with the hummingbird’s wing. The packaging for this brand is heavily focused on Wondor Apparel, where dots and lines represent the weaving of the artwork of indigenous Mexican craftswomen with the design looking to redefine luxury apparel and goods. These dots and lines are often used to create shapes, which are inspired by the patterns found in Wondor Apparel’s artisan artworks.


Silver in Branding 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Francisco Arrieta

Design Company

Eme Design Studio


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Design Team

Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Francisco Arrieta, Ana Ruiz, Enrique Avalos


Individual Credits

Senior Designer: Francisco Arrieta
Creative director: Iris Morales
Creative Director/ Art Director: Joel Martínez, Eme Design Studio