Gaceta Audio 23. Professional Journal of Audiology

by Ahmed Alejandro Lopez Martínez

The Gaceta Audio magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the National College of Opticians Optometrists of Spain based in Madrid. It is intended for audiologists, hearing aid technicians and students in Audiology. 15,000 copies are printed, which are distributed free of charge to licensed professionals, hearing centres, universities and professional schools in Spain, also sent copies to Latin America. It is an informative magazine that covers topics related to auditory adaptation, speech therapy, new technologies, scientific articles, and news of the market of Audiology.

In January of 2019 magazine shall comply with 5 years in the market. He is currently the publication of most prestigious and professional reference of Audiology in Spain. Advertise commercial brands of hearing aids in Europe and the most important training centers in the country. The format of the magazine is a Din A4 to make greater use of the paper and that adapts easily the format of advertising from our advertisers. The design of the layout grid is in 3 columns and 2 columns for more extensive articles. There is also a section with styling differentiated technology called "Hi-Tech". The scientific articles and the largest have a double opening page to differentiate themselves from the short articles. In general the layout tends to be clear with a predominance of whites to facilitate the reading process.

The magazine supports your design in the prominent use of images, some medical and other most evocative that it helps to improve the experience of the reader. The texts include interactive elements that connect to mobile applications and supplementary material hosted on the website of the magazine. The cover design has in mind the diversity of topics to show year-round to women, men, children, the elderly... the main image on the cover is usually simple and straightforward, a picture with...


Silver in Magazine & Newspaper Design 2019

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Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez

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Ahmed Alejandro Lopez Martínez


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National College of Opticians Optometrists of Spain

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Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez

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National College of Opticians Optometrists of Spain, ES

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Graphic designer: Ahmed Alejandro López Martínez, Freelance