Early Bird Deadline: 30 Sep, 2019

Blessing Bag

by Hye Jin Cho

I was asked to design something to solve a social problem around us. I dug into the issue regarding poverty, and I found out the fact that Rhode Island has the highest childhood poverty rate of all the New England states. I came up with a campaign called "Blessing Bag" hosting for RI residents to donate used or unused items for children who are below the poverty line in RI by designing the logo and a donation kit. In the kit, there are a vinyl bag, a label, and a small gift(sticker), and the primary audience would be students and their parents. I thought collecting the donated bags through public schools would be possible in a short time since Rhode Island is a small state. Plus, I designed an attachable label written "Gently used by" to give a sense of strong bond between recipient and donor. *I asked my friends to fill a bag with the items, and I was able to collect 12 bags in 2 days.

Bronze in Mix Media/Moving Image 2019, Non-Pro
Bronze in Integrated Graphic Design 2019, Non-Pro

Rhode Island School of Design

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