Ronit—Personal Branding

by Veronica-Ronit Designs

Ronit is my personal graphic design brand (as well as my Hebrew name) and it is inspired by my Israeli culture—I lived in Israel half of my life and California the other half of my life. The logo is a combination of characters from the Hebrew alphabet combined with the english alphabet to create a unique multilingual type (ronit). In hebrew we add a dot over a letter to create the O sound and a dot under a letter to create the E sound. I applied this concept for my logo by adding a dot under the i and combining the english and Hebrew letters together. My brand identity is visually a combination of English and Hebrew Type. For the second element of my personal brand I created what I believe creative energy looks like if you could see it. It is dynamic and always expending. It is the passion that puts fire into my work every day. It reminds me of why I love design and the process. I created the creative fire/energy out of watercolor explorations.


Bronze in Promotional Materials 2019

Bronze in Logos 2019

Bronze in Branding 2019

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Veronica-Ronit Bliman

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Veronica-Ronit Designs


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