Aperture Investors Branding

by Runyon Design

After 20 years in the asset management business, Peter Kraus concluded that there were too many active managers managing too much money. In 2018, he founded Aperture Investors, an investment firm that utilizes performance-linked fees intended to create better, fairer outcomes for investors.

Runyon Design helped define what makes the Aperture brand so appealing and integrate that value into a visual identity system. The designs guided the creation of a public-facing web presence created by partner firm, Hugo + Marie, to attract both potential asset managers and investors.

The visual identity was inspired by the light that passes through a lens, purposely revealing a distinct landscape through its dynamic opening and closing. The logo’s symbol can be sectioned as seen on the posters or lapel pin in order to create dynamic layouts or suggestive visuals. In a competitive landscape of financial firms where the colors blue and green are dominant, Aperture’s yellow brings a necessary optimism and warmth to the space. The chosen typography for the logotype and ancillaries is precise as a grotesk typeface, yet human with oversized dots and distinct letterforms.


Silver in Branding 2019

Silver in Promotional Materials 2019

Bronze in Logos 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Felipe Guimarães Garcia

Design Company

Runyon Design


Aperture Investors

Design Team

Felipe Guimarães Garcia and Anthony D'Avella


Individual Credits

Chairman and CEO: Peter Kraus, Aperture Investors
CMO and Head of Global Client Group: Matthew Siegel, Aperture Investors
Web Creative Director: Mario Hugo, Hugo & Marie