Frontier re-branding design

by Adore Marketing Co., Ltd.

After 6 years of cultivating “FRONTIER”, the professional cycling sportswear brand designed and manufactured in Taiwan, we decided to transform our initial speedy expression logo into a more sophisticated writing style. Furthermore, we also added two-color- stripe symbol. The red and the blue represent our arteries and veins, and they also represent our two main product lines- Frontier made for competitive sports and recreational lifestyle. In addition to our change in brand image, we also put forth a limited edition packaging design, Mountain, Forest and River. Within the box, you can see the Taiwanese Hehuan Mountain countour lines staggering in the background. The road from Hehuan mountain main peak to its east peak is where Taiwan KOM Challenge takes place every year, and this represents our gorgeous mountain landscape we experience when we ride on this road to the mountaintop, Wuling. Accompany by the sun seeping through the forest leaves and the Jhuoshuel River flowing within the mountain gorge, the sun and the water nurture the mountain and endow us with vitality. This is a place we come again and again for self-defiance and for our love to this land. Sharing the same spirit, FRONTIER works on spreading our love for this land and challenging ourselves to be the best partner to all cyclists by offering the best products and services. In 2017, we designed a new catalog for Frontier. It's a catalog also a magazine. This catalog is not only introducing products, but also include useful articles and contents. The cover pattern is extended by the barcode, each English letter represents a number, and each number has its representative line symbols. The composition of the cover is created from the text of brand spirit. In the arrangement of the inside pages, use blue and red on full pages on product list pages. So that the customers will focus on the pages and easy to find the product they want to see. Also, consider the number of pages, use backless hardcover threading on the side. It can show the blue and red lines. The customers get this catalog can not only understand the products, but also more deep understanding the brand from these small details.

Gold in Branding 2018

Design Director
ChihYuan Wang
Design Team
Adore Design Department

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