Boss Chicken

by Eme Design Studio

When thinking of chicken, the words rockin’ and sassy don’t often come to mind. That all changes when you see the branding for Boss Chicken. This branding emulates everything that was missing from the chicken game with spunky chickens that dance and surf through paper cups, liners, and t-shirts. The gritty, hand-drawn illustrations of chickens with pompadour hairdos, sunglasses, and styling combs give Boss Chicken an edgy and fun vibe, while the accompanying phrases and food icons remind you of the fresh, home-made food that Boss Chicken has to offer. All in all, this brand, like its chicken, is truly boss.


Gold in Branding 2019

Gold in Packaging Design 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Ana Ruiz, Enrique Avalos

Design Company

Eme Design Studio


Boss Chicken

Design Team

Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Ana Ruiz, Enrique Avalos, Francisco Arrieta


Individual Credits

Graphic Designer: Ana Ruiz
Graphic Designer: Enrique Avalos
Art Director: Iris Morales