Black is Gold Illustration Series

by Queen Designs, LLC

I created this Black is Gold illustration series because there was a point in my life where I just felt not good enough. I wanted to first encourage myself to accept my flaws and be proud of who I am as a black woman. I wanted to drill in my head that I was more than enough and that I was a Queen. Then I thought, let's spread the positivity to those around me that may feel and/or felt the same way. As I continue my journey of self-love, I want (not just black people), ALL people to know that Black is beautiful! 

This series is also for my people to understand the importance we play in each other lives as well as the lives around us. Despite the events that are transpiring around us, we must continue to stand strong and fight for what we believe in because we know who we are!

Black people possess the characteristics of strength, bravery, courageousness, beautifulness, intelligence, and most definitely perseverance. So let's continue to STAND STRONG in confidence. 


Honorable Mention in Illustration 2019

Created by:

Design Director

Tiara Slater

Design Company

Queen Designs, LLC


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