Esprit International School Brand Identity

by Test Monki

Esprit International school has been around since 1999. They are opening a newly designed campus in the fall of 2018 and their current brand didn’t correctly represent the school. They came to us to help them find out who there were and how to bring their new look & feel to life. As we explored the idea of something new to represent the Esprit brand, one logo simply could not authentically represent the identity of the school, which is derived by the diverse individualities of their students. For that reason, we picked a system of logos, spanning from playful to strong, that can be used interchangeably.
We felt the “colorfulness” of the school comes through in the vibrancy of their student body. A black and white color palette allows the school brand to be the foundation while their students bring life to the creative. We used actual students in all their photography and illustrated each photo to include the student’s aspirations or hobby.
The decision was made to change the school mascot to an animal with symbolism that better reflects their teaching ideology and student body. Wolves have the freedom to thrive independently while always having the support and strength of the pack when needed. Known for their sharp intelligence, complex and evolved communication skills, and deep connection with instincts, wolves are highly committed to family and community. Just like their students!
You will notice the color red used on numbers throughout the brand. We used red to mimic a vintage rubber stamp and pay homage to their old school color.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Suzy Simmons

Design Company

Test Monki


Esprit International School

Design Team

Gabby Nguyen, Sarah Wright, Sofi Cruz, Brad Petak