El Patito Feo

by Atlantic University College

Designed to promote the inclusion of visually-impaired children in Education. El Patito Feo is a set of tangible and digital tools that allows to customize learning strategies in the classroom. After an in-depth research and development period, with the help of special-needs education experts, and later validated through testing, the set consists of an illustrated book, an audiobook, 3D printed tactile sculptures and a 3D printed braille book with tactile illustrations. All based on an original adaptation of the HC Andersen's Ugly Duckling story.

Gold in Integrated Graphic Design 2019
Gold in 3D CAD 2019
Bronze in Illustration 2019
Bronze in Book Design 2019

Design Director
Vicente Gasco
Design Team
Heri Martinez de Dios, Andrea Martínez, Yamil Medina, Héctor Hoyo, Marilyn Adorno, Anibal Martínez
Atlantic University College, US

Digital Sculptor
Alejandro Olmo
Digital Sculptor
Jorge López
Digital Sculptor
Monica Correa
Joshua Montalvo
Graphic Designer
Marilyn Adorno
Project Manager / Story Adaptation
Andrea Martínez
Fabrication, 3D CAD Director
Vicente Gascó
Art Director
Héctor Hoyo
Creative Director
Yamil Medina
Heri Martinez de Dios

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