Crust Pizza Co. Brand Identity

by Test Monki

The original Crust Pizza Co. is located in the Woodlands, TX. Now with 3 more locations and a few outside of The Woodlands, the clients wanted a more versatile and modernized logo. Our challenge was to strategically refresh the brand in a way that didn’t confuse existing customers or make it seem as though Crust Pizza Co. had been bought out by another pizza company. The approach was to be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, to build on the existing equity in place with a growing, loyal fan base. Our job was not only to refresh the brand identity but to design better in-store graphics, a new website with an improved user experience, menu re-design (in-store and to-go), restaurant wayfinding, and table numbering. We also had the opportunity to help with the dining experience at multiple touch points to help bring the new brand to life in a way that leaves guests craving more. We kept the oval shape and tweaked the orange slightly since the eye recognizes color and shape first. This way, customers knew it was still the same Crust Pizza Co. In the old logo, it said “Pasta, Pizza, and Salad”. The owners added to the menu to include more than just those three things. Therefore, on the new logo, we just put “Pizza & More” so the menu could change freely without the logo having to change. We knew they would never get out to the pizza business so saying Pizza & More was a safe bet.


Silver in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Suzy Simmons

Design Company

Test Monki


Crust Pizza Co.

Design Team

Gabby Nguyen, Sarah Wright, Sofi Cruz, Yiwen Lu, Brad Petak