Exhibition identity for TNUA Genie Lab

by Yang HsuHan

Exhibition identity for TNUA(Taipei National University of the Arts) Genie Lab

“2017 Genie Lab-Interdisciplinary Creative Program” provides TNUA students with an experimental platform for interdisciplinary creative projects, and invites the endless possibilities of art. Those Fantastic projects which be selected are performed in campus during the Guandu Arts Festival. Genie Lab is looking forward the excitement and energy generated by these creative projects will boost the imagination and fantasies of all the art forms to collide, stimulating an unconventional mix of experimental results.

Title words ‘混血’ which mean mix in Chinese. Genie Lab across different mediums to present art - Interdisciplinary Art, Performance Art, New Media Art, Dance, Music. Diverse geometries symbolize various mediums. Distorted images represent varying mediums mixed together. Bright colour shows the vivid energy of this exhibition. Dynamic yellow lines symbolize audiences cruising in the art.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Yang HsuHan


Taipei National University of the Arts