Tin Man

by Eme Design Studio

Tin Man is a local filling station for the adventurous beer enthusiast. The amber growlers serve as the pinnacle to the brand, so it was important that the look of them display boldness and a unique sense of self, much like the contents inside. The complexion of the brand includes metallic steel grey, deep black and acidic coral. To round out the experience, apparel and proprietary drinking glasses completed the project.


Gold in Branding 2018

Created by:

Design Director

Joel Martínez

Design Company

Eme Design Studio


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Tin Man

Design Team

Joel Martínez, Iris Morales, Enrique Avalos, Ana Ruiz, Francisco Arrieta


Individual Credits

Creative Director: Joel Martinez, Eme Design Studio
Graphic Designer: Edgar Bonilla, Eme Design Studio